Engraved Brick Program

The Lake Jackson Golf Course Committee is selling engraved bricks to recognize those who wish to show their support for The Wilderness Golf Course. These bricks will line the sidewalk leading to the clubhouse front entrance. Over 3000 bricks are available!

Funds raised through this program will be used to support:
Junior Golf Programs
Other special programs which support golf in the Brazosport area
The Wilderness Golf Course enhancements, such as shelters, benches, etc.

Bricks may be purchased in the following sizes:
4-inch x 8-inch $50 each
8-inch x 8-inch $100 each
Either size brick may contain text only, a logo only, or a combination of text and a logo. Standard ½ -inch lettering is provided. Special fonts, larger lettering or a corporate logo is assessed a minimum one-time set-up fee of $75. The specific set-up fee cost is dependent on the complexity of the text or logo. An estimate of the set-up fee can be determined prior to an order. Examples of text and logo’s are included in this packet.

The Lake Jackson Golf Course Committee must approve all content for acceptance. Offensive/derogatory/unacceptable language/wording will not be approved. Examples include:
Family name, pet name, or nicknames
Business name or group name
In memory of…, In Honor of…, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the brick filled with?
Hardened glass! Our patented Vitralase® process is created with the technology of lasers. The lasers apply extreme intensive heat to a specific area, in turn, transforming the clay product i.e., brick paver, quarry tile, etc. to a hardened glass.

What is the advantage of the hardened glass-fill method over paint, grout or epoxy fill?
The hardened glass-fill method eliminates fading, oxidizing, maintenance cost, etc. Let us explain:· Glass is inorganic, an inert substance and is not subject to chemicals, acid rain or infrared and ultraviolet rays i.e., sunlight. Impossible to fade, oxidize, peel and is virtually maintenance free. Example: If you have ever walked along the seashore and have come across a piece of “sea glass”. It was once a part of a glass bottle, the glass is still brown or green. However, it has a frosted appearance from the abrasion of the seashore tide moving in and out. It is constantly in the ultraviolet rays, but it is still brown or green. Other fill methods, such as, paint, epoxies and grouts are organic substances and are subject to infrared and ultraviolet rays. Over a period of time, these substances will fade and break down, due to sunlight, acid rain, chemicals and the environment. Cost and inconvenience becomes a factor in refilling each brick, or if left unattended, a cosmetically unappealing brick. In most cases, breakdown would result in replacement of the brick.

Example: Epoxies (plastic) are susceptible to breakdown, they begin to shrink and fade. Shrinking, this allows moisture between the epoxy and the brick. This may allow algae to grow causing a maintenance problem and a cosmetically unappealing brick. Expansion and contraction is also a problem. The rate of expansion and contraction of epoxy vs the brick itself are at different rates. This may allow the epoxy to separate from the brick. Paints and grouts are just as susceptible to breakdown, in some similar ways as epoxy. However, they are more susceptible to chipping, especially if pressure cleaning for maintenance is required. Just as you pressure clean a building to remove the old oxidized paint to prepare for repainting, this same effect would occur with the bricks, causing a maintenance problem and a cosmetically unappealing brick.

How long will the brick engraving last?
We guarantee a lifetime of durability. Our patented Vitralase® process will last as long as the durability of the brick’s surface.

How long does the surface of a brick remain durable?
The answer is – indefinitely. How many brick surfaces have you seen that are worn down? Not many! Although bricks that have been on the ground for hundreds of years do show signs of wear. For example: In the city of Philadelphia, brick streets, buildings, walls, etc. have been constructed and have lasted for hundreds of years. Horses and buggies traveled across these bricks time and time again, causing wear. Our ancestors produced bricks with the skills of their time. With today’s technology, computer-controlled high temperature kilns produce a far superior brick.

Why is the engraving not very deep?
It is simply not necessary with our patented Vitralase® laser engraving process. In fact, depth is a disadvantage. To explain: Depth has been defined as durability, not so. The very element that creates breakdown, is depth. Deep engraving contributes towards weakening and voids the brick of its strength. Over a period of time or simply at installation, the small projected pieces of the characters are subject to chipping or breaking away. This causes the letters to be illegible.
Environmental debris (sand, food, etc.) falls within the deep engraving, in turn, causing a maintenance problem.

What type of warranty guarantee is provided?
We offer a lifetime guarantee on our engraved mark, as long as the brick surface is not compromised. The replacement guarantee depends on the replacement conditions. Bricks damaged during shipment will be replaced free of charge. Bricks damaged during installation are replaced at a nominal replacement fee plus the original cost of the engraved brick. Replacement bricks must be word for word. Any change in the wording constitutes a new order, not a replacement.

What is the cost for programming a logo?
This set-up cost varies depending on the complexity of your logo. However, our standard set-up charge for a logo is a minimum of $75.00. Logo set-up charge can approach $500. The set-up fee is a one-time charge for each unique brick logo.

What is the cost for larger text size, different font, or other special text?
Standard ½ -inch font is provided in the brick purchase price. The set-up fee for a different font type, size, or any special effects will incur a minimum set-up fee of $75, depending on the complexity. The set-up fee is a one-time charge for each unique brick text request.